Social Justice Commission

Inspired by the vision of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching, the members of the Social Justice Commission at St. Thomas Aquinas Church seek to foster ways to promote the dignity of all persons and all creation and bring about justice and peace. Challenged by the example of Christ, the commission strives to follow and to teach, by example, this foundational dimension of our faith and advocate on behalf of the poor and powerless.  The commission is committed to works of charity and justice as we seek to bring about the Reign of God in our time.

The Social Justice commission meets monthly on the second Tuesday from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the Activities Building.

Commission Members:  
    Celeste Knoff     Sherry Wenning
    Sue Kainz     Mary Fleege
    Jean Henry     Sue Wege
    Mary Novak     Bob Buckner
   Jackie Fredrick     Diane Kammerude