Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council regularly reviews and evaluates all the activities through which the parish community strives to fulfill the goals of the Parish Mission Statement.  Working in an advisory capacity, the Council assists our pastor in providing leadership for parish ministries, programs, and activities.  Areas of ministry within the parish generally fall into the following categories: Finance and Administration, Faith Formation, Community Life, Pastoral Care and Wellness, Social Justice, Worship, and Youth Ministry. The Pastoral Council meets, for the most part, on the fourth Tuesday of the month. In addition, the parish has two combined leadership meetings in the Fall and Spring of each year.

Should you have any concerns or questions about the topics of discussion or general operations of the council, we want to hear from you. Please feel free to call any member, or call the Parish Office. 


Pastoral Council Membership

Membership on the Pastoral Council consists of the pastor as ex officio member, the parish business administrator, a member of the parish board of trustees, three members-at-large who are elected through a discernment process and serve two-year terms; a representative from each of the standing commissions; as well as two youth members. The Council elects two officers from among its membership: a Chair and a Co-Chair.


Fr. Tony Andrarde


 Al Kean


 Tom Pinataro
 Business Administrator

Don Tarasewicz
Community Life


Kathy Gleich

Anne Dirksen

Mike Knoff


Sue Kainz
Finance Council

Celeste Knoff
Social Justice

Denis Novak

Karen Beskar
Pastoral Care & Wellness


Karis Knoff
Youth Rep

Jackie Stangl

Faith Formation