1zub2guhwqp3xdua7nogdwbcxql.jpgMaking the Decision to be Confirmed

The Confirmation Preparation at St. Thomas Aquinas is grounded in the truth that growth in the knowledge and practice of our faith is a lifelong journey.  We aim to help our youth recognize that Confirmation is an important step that gives them the choice to say “Yes” to God and “Yes” to their Catholic faith.  Confirmation offers the opportunity to complete the promises made at baptism and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Confirmation Preparation Program

From the time we are baptized we are truly preparing for Confirmation.  All Faith Formation offerings have the goal of building up our youth to be Disciples of Christ and leaders in the Catholic Church.  The program used for Confirmation Preparation is Decision Point by Dynamic Catholic.  These interactive sessions can be view for FREE online  

Understanding the Sacrament of Confirmation

The effect of Confirmation is the special outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that was granted to the apostles on the day of Pentecost.  This is the powerful Holy Spirit that brought the apostles out from hiding in the upper room to go out and preach the Good News without fear (CCC1302).   In the sacrament of Confirmation a person will experience, affirm, and receive in a deeper way the life of the Holy Spirit that they first received at baptism.  Confirmation both “confirms” and strengthens baptismal grace (CCC1303).

Confirmation Checklist

How does a young person begin preparation for Confirmation?

  • Preparation can begin when youth enter High School
  • Attend Confirmation Preparation Sessions 
  • Select a sponsor and submit sponsor form (click here for form) (click here for sponsor guidelines)
  • Attend Confirmation Entrance Ritual Mass with Sponsor
  • Per a new Archdiocese requirement, we need a NEW baptismal certificate (to be submitted by March of the year you will be confirmed if you were baptized at a church other than St. Thomas Aquinas)
  • Develop a heart of service
    • Look for a combination of service to family, church and community to help discover ways you are needed and feel called to serve
    • We do not require a certain number of service hours, but try to find ways to make service a central part of your life
    • We will have group service opportunities and service reflection in class to increase fellowship and make serving hours easier and more meaningful  
  • Request to be Confirmed
    • You will be given time in class to write a letter to the Archbishop (or Father Tony) requesting to receive the Sacrament
    • Being confirmed is your choice - it is your opportunity to say YES to God and become an adult in the Catholic Church.
  • You MAY Select a Confirmation Name.  Saints will be discussed in class.
  • Attend a Retreat –    
    • Confirmation Retreats are offered through Net Ministries at
    • Additional options are available if necessary; please contact the parish office at 651-459-2131
    • Attend the retreat before the date you will be Confirmed
  • Attend Confirmation at the Cathedral.  The date is set by the Archdiocese

What can a parent or sponsor do to help their Confirmation Candidate on their faith journey toward Confirmation?

  • Pray for and with your young person
  • Share your Faith story
  • Receive Sacraments of Eucharist & Penance together
  • Read and study the Bible together
  • Watch and discuss the Decision Point Videos with your candidate
  • Make opportunities for conversation
    • Plan an activity or dine out one-on-one with your child
    • Watch a movie that could lead to faith discussion


Here is the Information Form & Photo Release.