Pastor's Welcome

Dear Friends,

     At one time or another we’ve all been there. Maybe it was that first day of school, or your first job, or perhaps it was when you moved to a different location and you were looking for a new church. We all know what it feels like to find a warm welcome and a sense of belonging. Often it’s described as a sense of “feeling at home.” At St. Thomas Aquinas, we are the hospitality of Christ for all who come to our church. To all who come to our church we offer this message:

     Who are you? Are you divorced? Are you married with kids, worrying for them and committed to their welfare? Are you married for the second, or even the third time? Are you a single parent struggling to make ends meet? Are you gay or lesbian? Are you lonely? Are you a widow?

     Are you a single man or woman who would prefer to have a spouse? Are you disabled or disfigured? Have you run out of luck? Are you living with shame? Have you been a prisoner? Are you a newcomer in this parish? An immigrant maybe? Are you from another Christian tradition? Are you full of doubt, like Thomas? Has it been a while since you darkened the doorway of this church? Or are you a regular here, full of faith and enthusiasm for the parish?

     Well if you are, then you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here, Christ sets this table, and Christ welcomes all. All people of good will are welcome here: that’s the really good news! Sinners are welcome, saints, too. Everyone is welcome to come to Christ. My Lord and my God, indeed!

Father Tony Andrade