St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church is a vital organization. Its committee activity, programs and involvement in faith promotion speak for itself. Here you can find out more information about the services that St. Thomas Aquinas offers, online contributions, and quick links to other organizations.


Click on the links below for some resources you may find helpful: - Assisted Living in MN 

Washington County Resource Aide

Youth Service Bureau - a resource for youth and families to help them learn the skills they need to be more successful

Senior LinkAge Line - a valuable resource for seniors for planning for the future

NET Ministries - a great resource for youth, "Challenging Young Catholics to Love Christ and Embrace the Life of the Church"

Dynamic Catholic - an adult resource, "Meeting People Where They Are... Leading Them Where God Calls Them to Be!"

Presentation Ministries - a great adult resource for all things Catholic

Relevant Radio - articles, blogs, and radio about Catholic life

The Holy See - speeches, messages, prayers, articles, and more about the popes

Peanut Butter & Grace - "Catholic family life, sweet and simple"

Catholic Icing - kids' activities, information about saints, sacraments, and other subjects

Enroll Education - We publish unbiased, professionally reviewed content that helps students in Minnesota looking for guidance on training & educational opportunities in the social services industry.

Following are websites on which you can find great podcasts:

"Catholic Stuff You Should Know"

"Word on Fire Homilies"

"Catholic Women Create"

"Heaven's Road"

"The Right Heart"