The Office for the Protection of Youth and Children (OPCY) requires that all children and youth in Faith Formation programs complete training sessions to increase awareness and help keep the kids safe from abuse.  These sessions will be completed during the Faith Formation classes.

My children are too young to hear this. Aren't you destroying the 'innocent period' of their development?

Teaching children about boundaries and safe touches is not sex education.  There are many safety issues we teach children: bike safety, water safety, fire prevention, driver's training, etc.  Personal safety programs should have age appropriate lessons that give children the skills they need to protect themselves without frightening them.  Keeping children unaware of the dangers around them does not keep them safe.  Predators count on children not knowing what to do (USCCB).

Teaching Touching Safety

Virtus has prepared this guide to provide parents, guardians and other caring adults with information to educate and protect our children from sexual abuse.  The Archdiocese has requested that this information is made accessible to every family. Please click here to access the "Teaching Touching Safety" guide.


Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis OPCY Resources

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Resources on OPCY

USCCB Victim Assistance



The Archdiocese offers a 24-hour Victim Assistance Hotline at (651) 291-4497.  More information here.