Faith Formation Commission

Mission Statement:

To provide the catechetical processes that will implement the faith formation vision 
for the parish community of St. Thomas Aquinas.

We recognize that the definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch, but also in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ.

There are four central places that we learn about our faith. We learn about our faith in the parish, when we gather for parish-wide learning sessions, celebrations, community events, and so on.  We learn about our faith at home, through its daily practice of prayer and service, through conversations and challenges, through watching a video or reading a book.  We learn about our faith with our peers, when we gather as adults, youth, or children to intentionally learn more about our faith in age-specific gatherings.  And finally, we learn about our faith in the wider community when we engage in larger church events, such as retreats, workshops, or conferences. These four settings work in partnership to nurture and support us as learners. It’s not just one or the other, but all, that enrich and impact our faith journeys.

Commission Members:  
   Jackie Stangl (President)  
   Annie Scofield  Amy McGuire
   Carol Williams