Finance Council

St. Thomas Aquinas is a grateful steward of the many gifts shared by the generous parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas by operating with honor and respect for our 130+ year history of generosity and thereby enabling St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic community to remain a vibrant and sustainable parish for years to come. This is the mission of the Finance and Administration Council.


  1. We will engage with all commissions to assist them in setting budget priorities for fundraising, income, and expenses for the fiscal year.
  2. We will assist the Business Administrator in evaluating key areas of business operations when planning for the fiscal year budget.
  3. We will provide clear and concise communications to parishioners regarding parish finances and performance to the current budget.
Council Members:  
Fr. Tony Andrade Amy Stein
Bud Schmidt Sue Heuer
Linda Bieter Greg TaBelle
Sue Kainz  

Other Ministries

Ad Hoc Committees:

The Finance Council, when needed, forms ad hoc committees made up of Parish Council members and/or members of the parish for specific needs to fulfill the specific financial priorities required by the Finance Council. These ad hoc committees focus on areas such as Buildings and Grounds, Human Resources, Endowment and Budget financial areas.

Money Counters:

The parish money counters process the weekly offertory collection. Working in teams of four, money counters count the money, prepare, and deliver the bank deposit and ready envelopes for data entry. If you are interested in becoming part of this ministry, please call the parish office.